• New Energies, Healthy Living with Comfort
  • Limited Sources Vs. Unlimited Creativity

New Energies, Healthy Living with Comfort"

Limited Sources Vs. Unlimited Creativity"

Mobin San’at Raad

Mobin San’at Raad Company was established on September 2012 by a group of specialists with its goal being a dynamic establishment in terms of research and technical engineering service in fields of electronics and informatics and so far has been successful in designing and manufacturing various products, presenting diverse technical consideration services, being a member of specialized committees and vendor list of government companies and also obtaining representativeness of prestigious domestic and international companies. Since start, by having faith and compete knowledge of country’s great engineering capabilities in terms of skillful human resources, we have taken solid steps in designing and execution of several massive projects and by operating in different industrial fields and making efforts to partner with reputed international companies, we are proud to contribute our valuable achievement of technical knowledge and experience to be presented to domestic industries.
  • CCTV Camera & Security System

    CCTV Camera & Security System

        Maintaining privacy and information security are of major concerns of today’s life which have different meanings in different circumstances.  Utilizing the latest technologies in the world in fields of security and protection we can achieve...

  • Electrical Protection and Emergency Power supply

    Electrical Protection and Emergency Power supply

    Did you know that most of the damage done to the electrical appliances is due to current shock, noise and fluctuations? Has it ever happened to you that in spite of all the protections and...

  • Solar power plants

    Solar power plants

      The word automation which is composed of “automatic” and “operation” are solutions/strategies that result in performance without foreign or human factor, or with their least influence. In other words it means self-operative procedures. Most of...


New Products

What is Autolight Opico?
It's a smart electronic system which is equiped with light sensor that turns on and off the car lights automatically based on the environment light intensity.

This system can be installed on every car which has not this option originally and also the cabling system is not multiplex type.




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