Introducing some of the finished projects:
- Execution of web monitoring operation in the National Steel Company.
- Equipping a 3000 seat hall for the ministry of home affairs with lighting and sound system.
- Design and manufacturing a control panel for water heater testing machine.
- Designing and execution of   WirelessPT in universities like Amir Kabir, teachers training and physical education universities
- Distribution of industrial U.P.S electrical boards and generators and construction of standard earthling pit in centers such as weather forecast research center, polymer research lab of cardiac arrhythmia clinic in shahid Beheshti University, Saipa sports club, Melli bank leasing , public storages of west Tehran customs, Trading research organization, Keshavarzi bank branches .
- Vending and installation of C.C.T.V cameras in places such as: Holy Prophet mosque, Sepid publishers, Sardsir company, Iran-pooya buildings, Dina company, Azarghapou company, Ghadir leasing company, Ayandeh bank central building, former Saleheen bank central building, fire brigade organization, Tavanir company, Omid investment company,
- Designing re-assessment and execution of security systems in places such as Abgineh and Sofalineh museums, Mellat palace meseum and Reza Abbassi museum.
Designing, vending, equipping and execution of server and network rooms in places like Saipa sports and cultural club, Omid Investment Company, Movahhed boys’ high school and Bisotoon leasing company.


Introduction of some designed products:

- Smart fertility diagnostic system used in cow herders

- 3d digitizer machine for irregular objects.

- Radiography controller machines.

- Designing and manufacturing of flow meter module and barometer with display

- Designing and manufacturing of Wire 1 data logger module

- Design and manufacturing of transducer and logger for ludecell.

- Designing and sample making of control module for wheelchair elevators for the disabled persons.

- Designing and fabrication of smart portals for purchasing cell phone recharges.

- Designing and manufacturing of several products in field of car electronics.

- Designing and manufacturing industrial data loggers for use in C.N.G stations.

- Designing and manufacturing of logger and I/O ports based on G.S.M and P.S.T.N backbones.


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