CCTV Camera & Security System


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Maintaining privacy and information security are of major concerns of today’s life which have different meanings in different circumstances.  Utilizing the latest technologies in the world in fields of security and protection we can achieve this goal hence C.C.T.V cameras by creating a safe and controlled environment play a crucial role in this matter which its necessity has been obvious to all.

Security systems are as follows:


C.C.T.V Cameras:

Make surveillance on any object and different types are used according to the environment. Its vast use in places like industrial and official environments, banks, offices, factories, department stores, supermarkets, traffic control, kindergartens and etc., clearly indicate its necessity.

Cameras are classified into 2 types: Analog and IP.














Analog Cameras:


This camera receives the images and sends them to the output in forms of analog signals. The device connected to it is called DVR. DVR receives the images from the camera and converts them to digital which enables us to display, record and make changes on them. Analog cameras are connected to DVR by coaxial cables which transfer image signals from camera to DVR.




  • IP Cameras :

This is a network based camera which uses computer network protocols to transfer images in digital form. NVR device is used to record and display network based cameras. Switches are used as cable branches. Correct choosing and application of the right switch plays an important role in saving cable usage and can transfer data to recorder device or other network equipment through network cables.














If you need a general and simple surveillance in your environment then analog system suitable but in more professional environments where more accuracy is required network based or IP cameras would perform better.


Anti-Theft Alarm System :

It is a device which announces the illegal action of trespassing or breaking of a lock with the sound of an alarm. For instance motion sensors could be used to protect houses and users could place any section of the house under anti-theft alarm system coverage. Trespass or robbery alerts the owner through siren, S.M.S, flashing of lights or by automatically locking the entrance gate or deactivation of the elevator(s).


















Access Control System:
Latest and most reliable security systems used to enhance safety/security levels and access level controls such as entrance or parking gate, magnetic lock, RFID and etc.
In situations in such as access to resources and places like goods storage, private rooms where important documents are stored, laboratories, research centers etc, where controlling access and traffic of the people is of high concern, traffic and access control systems have so far been a great replacement for physical control.




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