• Smart House Products

    Smart House Products

    Products of this section are presented under “Economize” commercial brand.
    It has been years since we read or hear about “Smart Home” in scientific magazines and news which promises peace and convenience to the residents of any house. This company, in designing and execution of its project, has always tried to use standard, simple and economic technologies and is hoping to equip every Iranian house, not only for more convenience but for saving the national energy consumption and reducing family expenses, with such facilities.
     Some of the products of this section is only built based on the needs of home appliance manufacturers and are designed in the research unit of this company so it is obvious that any specific change, if required by other manufacturer, is possible.
  • Industrial Automation Products

    Industrial Automation Products

    These products are presented under “Quantize” commercial brand.
    Industrial automation products are used in different industries for example when we want to measure and register environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light etc. we can utilize different types of transducers and data loggers.
    In designing of these modules, besides following all terms and conditions mentioned in the international standards, essential principles of engineering design are maintained as well. Moreover all industrial condition and environmental disturbance tests have been performed on these equipment/devices as some products even have Iran’s industrial research organization certificate.
  • Security & Safety

    Security & Safety

    In this category of products passage and access controlling devices are discussed.
    Access control is categorized based on the entered password on a keypad, RFID card, remote control, finger print, magnetic card, Bluetooth and WI-FI.


    The products of this company are designed using one or combination of these methods.
    To name, some of our customers are sports complexes, organizations, hotels, laboratories, hospitals, storages, military industries, banks and etc.

  • Car Accessories

    Car Accessories

    All vehicular products of this company is presented under “OPICO” commercial brand.
    Most of the products presented in this section are designed by the research department/section of this company so any alteration in design for installation by OEM or “AFTER MARKET” method is possible.
    All vehicle manufacturers and option producers who tend to install such products on their customers vehicles can contact the company’s trading section and make arrangements to have sample delivered along with the installation on prototype and live presentation.
    This company intends to acquire authorized dealerships and after sales services in large cities, hence relevant sales points and companies are welcome to co-operate.
  • Faratel Products Authorized Dealer

    Faratel Products Authorized Dealer

    Faratel is known as one of the largest producers of UPS, trans and stabilizers. Mobtakerin San’at Farda Company has been the authorized dealer/seller of all Pharatel products in north and west of Tehran since 2006. Since 2012 the dealership is operating under the recently established Mobin San’at Raad Company.
    Since 2006 various Faratel products have been sold, installed and made operative to over 2000 industrial, official and training centers and residential buildings and we are proud to state that customer satisfaction has always been our most significant goal.
    Technical and engineering service unit of Mobin San’at Raad Company is prepared to deliver services from location examination, issuing an estimated prior bill, presenting expert analysis to sales and after sales services in Tehran.
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