Auto light

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Auto light


- Small and large automatic light with order control
- Controlling the indicator light for passengers path after leaving the vehicle (Follow Me)

- “Lights on” sound alert when the vehicle is turned off

- “Day Light” control, sensitivity adjustment and self-calibration ability

- Switch for turning off and on the auto light system

- Automatic turning off of the dim lights while using up lights

- Sound alert when the battery is weak


- Automatic controlling of lights to improve the driver’s concentration in city and on suburban/country roads

- Preventing accidents due to weakened vision of the opposite forth coming drivers by the up light

- Assisting drivers in not forgetting to turn on and off the lights

- Prevent being penalized by the police for not turning of the lights on streets and in tunnels

- Helping to enlighten the path after leaving the vehicle by means of “Follow Me” system

- Protect the battery against drainage

- Easy and quick installation and needless of changing the car’s wiring system

- Simultaneous installation of few luxury cars’ options on ordinary cars


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