Multi Transducer Data Logger

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Multi Transducer Data Logger

Transducers are devices that convert environmental measures such as pressure, temperature, humidity, different gases, environment light and etc, to understandable parameters for humans or to parameters that are to be registered in memory devices. Data loggers are accurate devices that register various events and parameters in planable periods of time which are mainly categorized as laboratory equipment.

Quantize multi transducer data logger is the result of years of research and practice of the research and development section of this company which has unified both transducer and data logger in the same package which could be connected to most sensors.


- Internal supply and functioning with 220 volts power

- 2 internal relays with open and close contacts and a LED display on the panel

- An isolated digital input with LED display on the panel

- Infrared communicative port to communicate with IRDA protocol without electric connection

- Master/slave adjustable isolated RS-485 port and placement of 32 devices on 1 line bus,

- Isolated Rs-232 to connect to PC

- Multi SD card with up to 32 gigabytes capacity to save data

- Changeable (4ma-20ma) current analog input or voltage of 0-10 volts with 10 bit resolution

- Current analog output (4ma-20ma) with 10 bit resolution, ability to connect specialized cards of different sensors like pressure, lude-cell, analog temperature (NTC-PTC thermocouple), digital temperature, humidity, acceleration, angle, compass

- Accurate internal RTC clock with backup battery

- An internal 1600 milliamp/hours lithium polymer battery equipped with smart charger

- Connectable to GSM and PSTN modems for distant data transfer

- 2X16 character LCD with 4 user keys

- Impact and water proof panel



- Usable in accredited labs as data logger

- Measuring and registering the quantities in greenhouses, avicultures and server rooms

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