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Multi-point Temp. Data Logger


In many laboratories or industries it is required to accurately measure and register the temperature at several points simultaneously.

This transducer and data logger product is the most advanced temperature sensor manufactured by American Texas Company with exclusive Wire-1 protocol. In this protocol you can place up to 40 sensors on a pair of data and earthling wires and use the same line to supply the sensors and extend it up to 10 meters.


- 8 selectable sensor input ports

- Supporting 41 sensors on each line (only 2 wires)

- Defining each sensor with an 8 bytes exclusive ID

- Converting temperature to digital amounts inside the sensor in less than a few micro seconds

- Temperature conversion resolution up to 12 bits on wide range of 50 to 120 degrees Celsius

- Attaching micro SD card with the capacity of 32 gigabytes

- RS485 isolated serial port with the placement of 32 devices on a single line

- Supporting MODBUS RTU protocol

- Measuring and registering the temperature of over 400 sensors

- Defining 1 sensor in each port as environmental calibration 

- Adjusting the time period of measuring and registering the temperature

- Infrared IRDA port to transfer data to PC or mobile phones

- 8-38 volts supply A/C and D/C

- Rail-wise arrangement on the board



- Multi-point temperature measuring for laboratory and industrial applications

- Registering average temperature in an environment with respect to altitude difference

- Needless of complex wiring and noise interference

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