Monitoring 3 Phase Network

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Monitoring 3 Phase Network

The use of 3 phase current devices such as electric motors and heaters has become common nowadays. Noticing the high cost of repairing these equipment for the damage caused by disturbances in electricity distribution network, using protective devices seems quit rational and reasonable. Also in order to examine the network behavior and different electric loads, having such inexpensive devices is considered an advantage.


- Displaying the parameters of all 3 phases such as frequency including phase voltage, line voltage, phase current, line current and changes in power index

- Defining the error reaction time to each phase error while the relay is disconnected

- Define error reaction speed of each phase including phase sequence, disconnection of one or two phases, changes in phase difference and conformation, changes in set voltage of the phase and line, changing in power index.

- Identifying the unsuitable null

- Internal current Trans up to 5amperes and external Trans attachment up to 500 amperes

- 2 internal relays with different adjustments

- RS-485 port with 32 module placements on each line

- Supporting MODBUS RTU protocol communication specifics adjustment

- Internal switching supply source from 80 to 250 volts of city power supply

- Lithium ion internal battery with charger

- Data logger of all amounts on SD memory card in adjustable time gaps



- Applicable in all single phase boards and 3 phase for monitoring

- Registering data in specific time periods to examine the performance of consumed load and the power distribution network

- Transferring data to PC and HMI for investigation.


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