Proximity Access Control

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Proximity Access Control

Access Control with Password, Card & Remote
Although image surveillance of an event is valuable but preventing it from happening is a more rational thing to do therefore access and passage control system is one of the modern and inexpensive solutions to this matter. You can observe and manage people, vehicles and all electronic devices and their sub-divisions by using passage and access control system.


- Internal supply functional with 220 volts power supply

- Idefining 50 read-only RFID tags

- Tag reading from 10 centimeters

- Adjusting the performance of the card to sole or combinative

- RS-485 port in order to connect with central house controlling module with Modbus RTU protocol

- Separate box for relay and supply to prevent stealing and coded connection to the keypad

- External alarm and internal buzzer

- Output, hall effect sensor input and anti-theft alarm system for one door

- ASK-433 remote with a range of 20 meters

- Accepting password from 4 to 10 digits

- Defining master password for authentic access

- Defining pulse time for electric lock magnet

- Defining entrance bell to warn people inside

- Internal time and date with backup battery

- Registering up to 500 arrival and departure time and dates

- Operating temperature 5 to 75 degrees Celsius

- Water and impact resistant.



- Access and passage control

- Time reduction and place limitation of passages

- All aspects observation and registration of passages

- Access and finally preparing a complete report using data banks


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