Controlling building with SMS

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Controlling building with SMS

You can have complete control of all devices or home and office appliance from any point in the world under mobile coverage. With easy installation, it enables you to switch on, off or manage any device and by connecting sensors such as motion sensors, impact sensors, fire and smoke detecting sensors you can be informed of the situation in your home, office or factory. This device has various applications for instance you could use it to control home appliances, irrigation system, greenhouse temperature, home or car security systems.


- Equipped with 5 relays with Phoenix output terminal

- Compatible with all mobile phone operators (Irancell, Hamrah-e-avval, Rightel, Talia)

- Working voltage of 8 to 36 volts A/C and D/C, usable in all industrial panels

- Connectable to computer using RS-232 and RS-485 ports (compatible with all windows o.s ),

- Simple connection through RS-485 with different systems and PLC’s

- Ability to define command for each relay to turn on or off

- Definable notifying systems for each type of entrance stimulation

- Ability to define several numbers for operating the device

- Monitoring ability

- Defining relays’ default status

- Ability to retain the final status of relay after disconnections and reconnections.


- Houses and apartments: controlling cooler and heater. Controlling light bulbs, distant controlling of automatic gates, audio surveillance of the environment, informing unwanted passages, fire alarm through SMS and ….
- Offices: Informing unpermitted entrance, informing the turning on of the computer, informing opening of the safety box, audio surveillance of the office with high sensitivity and etc.
- Mosques: Distant broadcasting of prayers and turning on the speakers and etc.
- Agriculture: controlling water wells and pumps, automatic irrigation, checking water levels in well or pool.
- Greenhouses: Informing power disconnection or connection, controlling cooling and heating systems, checking temperature and humidity.
- Shops/Stores: Controlling the lighting system, informing passages.
- Vehicles: Anti-Theft alarm system (ignition, door opening, impacts), turning off the car from any place in the world.
- Jewelry shops: Anti-Theft system, opening and closing automatic doors via SMS etc.
- Villas: Anti-Theft system, entrance notifications, controlling irrigation systems, turning on and off the lights and cooling-heating systems, filling the pool and Jacuzzi tubs and activating the sauna.
- Security systems: Security system supplement.
- Fire alarm systems: Fire alarming via phone and SMS sounding the alarm/siren in elsewhere.
- Chicken herders: Controlling the air ventilators, measuring temperature, temperature change alarm, activating the mechanized nourishing system etc.
- Server room: Distant restarting of computers, informing disconnection and connection of power supply, informing rise in server room temperature, informing server shut down.


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