Automation and Smart Control


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The word automation which is composed of “automatic” and “operation” are solutions/strategies that result in performance without foreign or human factor, or with their least influence. In other words it means self-operative procedures. Most of these solutions are shaped around idea that “human thinks, machine works”
Accordingly this company’s activities in this field have been classified into industrial (automation), smart control (BMS) and smart vehicular systems.









Industrial Automation:


Is the application of computers instead of humans to control industrial machineries and procedures. The most evident and well-known aspect of industrial automation are industrial robots. Generally the conveniences resulting from this automation are: repetitiveness of activities and procedures, enhanced quality of the manufactured products, increased production speed, faster and more accurate quality control, reduced wastes, higher efficiency of industrial units, increasing safety for human work force and decreasing physical and mental stress.















Smart Control Automation (BMS):


Building automation is one of the most prevailing strategies and discussions in developed countries since energy costs have increased and societies have more tendencies towards utilization of new energies. Briefly, we can summarize construction automation in smart management of construction recourses where the whole procedure intends to accurately control and eliminate human errors.

Based on the use of each building we can define construction automation in various frames which all of them focus on one common point that is efficient consumption of energy and appropriate utilization of the equipment.


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Vehicular Automation:


Self-operation of some activities in the field of vehicle production in order to achieve more convenience, accuracy and better efficiency. For instance you can have a few/bunch of facilities that are only available in luxurious cars in forms of a product and use them.


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